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Enhancing Efficiency in Margarine and Shortening Production

13 July 2023

In a world of digital connection, it’s critical for manufacturing machinery and production systems to speak to one another across production plants. A key priority for manufacturers across various sectors, including margarine and shortening production is the integration of process control systems.

Given the Internet of Things, intelligent systems like Gerstenberg Schröder’s Smart Logic Process Control System offer several benefits, from predictive maintenance and waste reduction to enhanced yield and minimized downtime. With remote programming, your plant experts can identify some of these issues without physically being present on the production floor.

Let’s explore the profound impact of process control systems on the efficiency of margarine and shortening production:

Predictive Maintenance: A Proactive Approach

Process control systems are revolutionizing maintenance practices in margarine and shortening production by shifting maintenance from a reactive to a more proactive response. Monitoring the strokes of valves and machinery running hours helps inform next service due dates. A few of these anomalies might include clogs, flow disruptions or incorrect ingredient amounts. When you swiftly rectify these issues, you peacefully enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted production flow.

Real-time data analysis is helping maintenance personnel anticipate issues, schedule maintenance activities, and prevent costly breakdowns. The Smart Logic does this when service or inspection is required for individual machines and components, based on frequent usage and process parameters. Common parameters include mixing speed, pressure and/or temperature.

Waste Reduction: A Sustainable Edge

When producing margarine and shortening, producers use precise measurements and ingredient ratios. Process control systems play a pivotal role by reducing waste in these steps because they optimize each resource fully. When you minimize variations in ingredient quantities, you’ll inherently enhance product consistency while also cutting waste from overuse or imbalances.

The Smart Logic Process Control System’s sensors can track energy usage, energy waste and identify where even more savings are possible. By integrating these systems, margarine and shortening manufacturers are making significant strides toward sustainability.

Improved Yield: Enhancing Productivity

These systems allow for precise control over the production process like ingredient dosing accuracy and product cooling temperature control. When maintaining control of temperature, pressure and mixing duration, process control systems facilitate consistent product quality and yield.

The result is a more efficient and productive margarine and shortening production process that maximizes output without compromising quality.

Similarly, the Smart Logic enables simple recipe creation, reproducible batching and ingredient usage control.

The benefits of process automation help all food and beverage producers (margarine included) meet consumer demands, differentiate themselves in the market and sustain long-term success.

Here’s our latest buzz on this topic featuring Gerstenberg Schröder’s Smart Logic Process Control System.



The Author

Alf Sievers,Global Product Manager

Alf Sievers is Global Product Manager for Gerstenberg Schröder and Market Manager for Fats & Oils, striving to achieve superior value-propositions for customers and decrease the overall life-cycle costs of their process lines.



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