Welcome to our new blog, “Stories in the Making.”

November 22, 2021 Melissa Buscher Anhydro

We’re excited to tell you about our products, our people and our work. We love solving complex challenges for customers, helping them create their own success stories.

“Stories in the Making” is in step with our new tagline, “Solutions in the Making,” which we announced today. The tagline reflects the spirit of SPX FLOW. “Solutions in the Making” is what we do. Everyday.

We have new equipment in the making, for instance, along with entirely new processes. We launch breakthrough technologies, as well as digital experiences, and we hold more than 850 patents worldwide.

We have the best products in the making, and we do this through collaboration and process innovation. Recently, that meant helping customers manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine at record pace.

We have scalable solutions in the making, meeting the strategic objectives of companies that nourish and build the world. One example is the way we shape cost-effective, efficient solutions to meet the growing demand for high-quality beverages with healthy ingredients. We have sustainability initiatives in the making. We’re lowering energy use, saving water and reducing waste because of the way we operate our manufacturing facilities, oversee our supply chain and work with customers.

What we’re proudest of, though, is our culture of belonging. We value uniqueness, embrace differences, and we’re committed to being part of the solutions in our communities. From plant-based foods, to pharmaceuticals, to water treatment, SPX FLOW is creating the future the world needs today.

We are SPX FLOW, and we are making solutions.

So, back to “Stories in the Making.” You’ll see a range of posts. Everything from case studies and community service to new products for our customers and new programs for our teammates. We’ll also bring you behind the scenes, showing you what makes SPX FLOW special.

We hope you enjoy “Stories in the Making”.

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Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

Melissa Buscher is Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at SPX FLOW, driving consistent, integrated, and strategic communications that support the company’s global business growth and cultural transformation.