Welcome to Solution City

January 20, 2022 Melissa Buscher Mixers & Agitators

A lot of companies talk about how much they make a difference.

We prove it.

We’ve developed an interactive map of what we call Solution City. It showcases the amazing work our Solution Makers do worldwide and how much it impacts your daily life.

Click on the airplane, for instance, and you’ll see how we serve the aerospace industry. It ranges from providing clean, dry air for tools to the maintenance of large avionics equipment.

Or click on the store. It shows how our equipment and systems help companies develop groundbreaking recipes for drinks made from plants and nuts.

You can click where the cars are recharging, which illustrates how our mixers, pumps and other products help fuel electric vehicles.

Or – because we always save dessert for last – click on the supermarket. That’s where you’ll see how we make the creamy filling inside sandwich cookies.

All told, the map features many innovative, sustainable solutions that highlight our essential role with the world’s leading health, nutrition and industrial companies. We help our customers make everything from hand sanitizer and laundry detergent to vaccines and dairy products with extended shelf life.

As we do that, we find ways to make those products while lowering costs, increasing uptime, saving energy, reducing waste and improving quality. We helped a customer design one of the world’s largest and most environmentally friendly milk-processing plants, for example. And, our heat exchangers helped a mining company save so much energy, the equipment paid for itself in only six months.

So, welcome to Solution City! We hope you enjoy your stay.