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NOVADOS Express Metering Pump

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Pumps / Metering Pumps

Competitively priced and ready for quick delivery, our NOVADOS EXPRESS H1 is precision engineered for getting the job done. These hydraulically actuated double diaphragm dosing pumps cover flow rates of approx. 2 l/h to 300 l/h, with pressures up to 20 bar. Suitable for most liquid dosing applications, it can also handle consistencies ranging from pure liquids free from particles to slurries with a solids content of up to 5wt%.


NOVADOS Express  - The precision engineered standard option for outstanding quality with faster delivery and competitive pricing.  Our Metering Pumps comprise leak-free diaphragm pumps as well as plunger pumps.

Materials of construction of liquid-wetted parts

  • Housings of stainless steel 316 low carbon type
  • Diaphragms of PTFE
  • Plungers of stainless steel or ceramic

Pump gear design

  • Worm gear with different reduction ratios
  • Splash lubrication
  • Stroke length adjustment via eccentric (Z-shape) crankshaft

Flow rate control

  • Manual


  • Electric motor with fixed speed

Installation and Operating Conditions*

  • Safe area
  • Ambient temperature range: from -10 °C up to +50 °C
  • Fluid temperature range: from -10 °C up to +93 °C 

*These are limit values, please state actual conditions with inquiry.


  • Hermetically sealed pump design
  • Optimal capacity adaptation to widely varying production processes
  • Variable stroke length allows precise flow rate adjustment
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Pump NOVADOS Diaphragm and Plunger Metering CN