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Understanding the Customer's Process Needs


Food, beverage and dairy producers face complex product compositions and increasingly stringent regulations while striving to produce quality products efficiently. SPX FLOW offers services based on a near-century of tubular heat exchanger design experience. Heat transfer engineering at SPX FLOW begins with understanding the specific customer needs to meet production goals. Through designing application-specific tubular heat exchanger configurations, SPX FLOW application engineers can implement cutting-edge technologies from clean-in-place systems to heat recovery systems. Outside of direct tubular heat exchanger design, SPX FLOW offers process optimization services to help customers select the optimal heat transfer system for their production process. Process and equipment optimization are also heavily influenced by SPX FLOW Innovation Centers and global testing labs. These environments are controlled settings to test SPX FLOW heat transfer equipment within a heavily monitored system utilizing a customer’s product or a simulant to achieve an accurate representation of functional conditions. Innovation Centers and test labs allow customers to develop their products, equipment and process in one singular location.

Tubular Heat Exchanger Design

Finding The Right Heat Exchanger

Choosing the right tubular heat exchanger relies on several foundational criteria: factory space, heat processing details, and process interconnectivity. SPX FLOW heat exchanger engineers work closely with customers to understand their process’ heat transfer needs. A high-level analysis of the customer process allows our engineers to determine a viable heat transfer solution and the production line’s requirements for seamless integration. The next variable is space, SPX FLOW heat transfer engineers will recommend tubular heat exchanger solutions to fit within the available production space. We at SPX FLOW understand the often-limited space a factory possesses and working within that limit can prove critical to a project’s success.

Heat Transfer Expertise

Tubular heat exchanger engineers must also construct an optimized solution that is deeply specific to the customer’s product to maintain the customer's standards of quality. Tubular heat exchangers are available with a range of customizations. Depending on the need, SPX FLOW tubular heat exchanger engineers can develop customized systems for Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processing. This includes creating tubular heat exchangers to process products while keeping nutritional components intact.

Specific Heat Exchanger Design

Paratube tubular heat exchangers for example, are designed for single or multi-purpose product processing. Excellent for food and beverage applications processing products with particles, products sensitive to texture changes and high viscosity products.

Cutting Edge Process Technologies

SPX FLOW tubular heat exchangers are designed integrating select cutting edge systems. Tubular heat transfer solutions can accommodate hygienic production, resource efficiency, Extensive clean-in-place systems and other process-based requirements.

Clean-In-Place Systems

Tubular Heat Exchanger CIP Technologies 


SPX FLOW Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems can be integrated into tubular heat exchanger systems to meet or exceed industry hygienic standards. Clean-In-Place systems can be heavily taxing on the water consumption of a factory. SPX FLOW efficient CIP systems for tubular heat exchangers are designed specifically to reduce the water use of the CIP process while maintaining a strict level of sanitation. The cutting-edge CIP technology minimizes the energy, water, and chemical consumption of the sanitation process. The efficient design of the CIP system also optimizes production line run time, by shortening the downtime needed for the CIP process. This level of efficiency is reached through high flow rates and turbulence, both utilized to maximize sanitation and minimize production downtime.


Global Presence


The SPX FLOW global market presence allows heat transfer specialists to assist customers all over the world in helping select optimal solutions positively affect performance and ROI. By utilizing leading technologies and a wealth of experience and expertise, SPX FLOW has delivered high-functioning tubular heat exchangers globally. Though our extensive body of work SPX FLOW has developing close and confidential partnerships between our engineers and the customer’s own experts. Our global team of highly qualified and experienced specialists with dedicated knowledge of Industry needs and solutions are here to accurately meet the heat transfer needs of our customers.

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On-site audits


SPX FLOW can provide heat transfer specialist to conduct on-site audits of your plant and equipment in order to identify areas where upgrades or replacements could improve efficiency and reduce operating expenses.

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Maintenance agreements


SPX FLOW offers protection against unexpected process stoppages through maintenance agreements. Preventative maintenance of tubular heat exchanger systems is based on specific equipment standards including any necessary adaptations to their particular situation and requirements. Maintenance agreements involve periodic visits by heat transfer specialists to service the equipment and take action to rectify any issues that could cause problems before their next visit.

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Innovation Centers

Global Process Testing Labs and Research Centers

The SPX FLOW Innovation and Design Centers rely on the knowledge and expertise of a permanent staff of food technologists, process engineers and production engineers. The staff of the SPX FLOW Innovation Centers and testing labs are consistently contributing to the development of SPX FLOW equipment. Innovation Centers are dedicated to the refinement, optimization and overall development of products through utilizing advanced technologies within a controlled environment.

SPX FLOW Innovation centers based in Silkeborg, Denmark and in Shanghai, China function as UHT pilot plants. Both available for customers wishing to test new processes or products or to optimize existing process parameters with the assurance of production stability. Plants are also available for rent, enabling our customers to conduct trials on their own premises.

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