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Johnson Pump Offers Offshore Wind Market Reliability and Expertise

The SPX FLOW team provides a key piece of equipment with accurate documentation, testing and customer service

Charlotte, N.C., April 17, 2023 - SPX FLOW, Inc., a leading provider of process solutions for industrial, offshore oil and gas markets, is expanding the usage of its versatile Johnson Pump offerings into the offshore wind market.

Known for its reliability, Johnson Pump already serves many industrial engineering sectors, including the global horticulture, shipbuilding, water treatment and automotive markets. Now, CombiSump and CombiChem pumps are included in plans for a growing number of offshore wind projects, such as the Sunrise project in the United States. The utility pumps include chilled water medium pumps, technical fresh water supply pumps, seawater booster pumps and open drain tank pumps.

“Johnson Pumps prides itself on providing solutions to a wide range of industries, and growing in the offshore wind market falls in line with our values: sustainability and innovation,” Peter van Rijn, SPX FLOW Project Execution Manager. “We work hard to provide the documentation needed, time-tested reliability, knowledgeable experts, and customer service to help wind projects succeed.” 

Offshore wind is an expanding market. According to the United States Department of Energy, “the global pipeline for floating offshore wind energy more than doubled in 2021.” SPX FLOW is committed to leading by example to make the world safer, healthier, and more sustainable. Renewable energies, like offshore wind, play a crucial role. 

SPX FLOW is working on these projects with Nordic Flow, a total supplier of all pumps for HVDC platforms, including the Seawater Lift and Cooling Medium Pumps.

“Together with SPX FLOW, we’re able to offer complete solutions to customers to ensure their projects are successful from start to finish,”  said Nordic Flow’s Chief Operating Officer Torjus Wæringsaasen. “We have a long history of working with Johnson Pumps, and we knew that our combined experience and knowledge would go a long way in this growing industry.”

“SPX FLOW is working on sustainability initiatives across the board, from renewables to waste to water,” said van Rijin. “We are proud to work with our partners to make the planet a better place for all of us.”

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