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Over the years industries from food to pharmaceutical to chemical have trusted SPX FLOW for innovative solutions. Whether it’s operating at maximum efficiency or adapting to ever-changing consumer demands, our solution makers continue to collaborate alongside our customers to achieve their goals.

The work our solutions makers do has an amazing effect in Solution City and around the world. Our products positively impact your daily life - and the life of everyone you know.

Explore Solution City to learn how we’re improving the world through our innovative and sustainable solutions.

Welcome to Solution City

Color the City

One of the amazing things our solution makers have a hand in making is crayons. So grab a box of vibrant colors, print this coloring book (on recycled paper, please), and have some fun bringing Solution City to life!

Stories in the Making

Our Strategy

Helping our customers achieve their goals. It’s at the center of everything we do.

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Our People

It’s our solution makers that make things happen – from developing the products that positively impact our lives every day to passionately giving back to the communities we call home.

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Our Solutions

Improving Solutions in the Making. We do it every day.

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