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Uptime and Optimization Solutions for the Lifecycle of Your Plant

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, companies in the food and beverage, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care industries must prioritize servicing and maintenance to ensure efficient manufacturing processes. Partnering with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offers numerous benefits throughout your plant's lifecycle. Optimized plants deliver continuous high-quality products at drastically improved efficiency levels.


Our Comprehensive Service and Lifecycle Solutions

SPX FLOW provide a wide range of service packages and lifecycle solutions to unlock your plant's full potential. With proven expertise, global support networks, and genuine spare parts, our services optimize your processes and plant performance, ensuring peak efficiency throughout your plant's lifetime.

Service Upgrades

Unlock Your Plants Full Potential

As technology advances and markets change, it's important to keep your systems up to date. Our engineering expertise offers flexible upgrade solutions that deliver measurable plant improvements. From process audits to full plant upgrades, we have the knowledge and experience to optimize your existing installation to enhance efficiency, accommodate new products and expand production capacity without significant capital investment.

Experience the Benefits of Service Upgrades

We understand no two businesses are the same and our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution tailored to your specific needs. Our subject matter experts will analyze your production process and identify areas of improvement. With their guidance and our flexible service upgrades, you can maximize the output of your equipment quickly and seamlessly.

Learn more on how we can help you Optimize Your Process to increase capacity, energy efficiency, recover more water and reduce waste.

Why Upgrade?

  • Maximize Equipment Lifecycles
  • Unlock System Potential
  • Ensure Reliability and Safety
  • Improve Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Partner for Success
Genuine OEM Spare Parts

During Q4, when budgets are set for the following year, it’s important to use budget surplus wisely. In some organizations, if you don’t utilize your existing year’s budget, you could see your annual operating budget reduced as a result. One way to ensure current allocations are exhausted is to invest it in predictive maintenance for next year. It’s a proactive way to work within your existing budget and be prepared for the year to come.

Genuine parts and maintenance kits

Our genuine spare parts are precisely engineered to our continuously increasing quality standards. As spares availability is crucial to the smooth running of your operation, our strategically located Spare Parts Distribution Centers and network of distribution partners offer rapid delivery of our genuine spare parts along with advanced spares consolidation and management services to help keep your processes running. Maintenance kits are also available, conveniently putting all the parts required for regular servicing in one kit, making it easier to service.

Service Support Agreements

Our fully tailored maintenance plans enhance reliability, uptime, and operational confidence. Through engineering excellence, process expertise, and automation capabilities, we offer comprehensive service solutions specific to your needs. Our flexible maintenance contracts can be adjusted to fit your requirements and budget, enabling measurable plant improvements, and prioritizing your production goals.

Keeping Your Plants Optimized

Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance services help you maximize your initial investment. We schedule preventative maintenance to align with your production schedule and adapt to changing consumer demands, regulations, and product traceability needs. We help you embrace new technologies and production methods while optimizing your existing equipment.

Corrective Maintenance

Count on our highly skilled experts located worldwide to assist you promptly when you need it. Whether through remote support or in-person visits, SPX FLOW and our global support network swiftly restore your operations with minimal disruption. We provide insights into root causes and offer strategies to reduce future downtime.

Product Maintenance Services
Optimization and Integration

From installation and commissioning to long-term performance, we guarantee that your equipment meets all agreed specifications. Through annual optimization audits we help you reduce product losses, reduce carbon footprint, and increase production yield. Our certified engineers supervise, validate, and provide full installation services, ensuring warranty coverage. Our expertise in lifecycle management and optimization identifies and resolves efficiency issues, improves product quality and process flow, and helps you adapt to evolving market demands and regulations.

Automation and Remote Support

Seamlessly monitor and control your processes with our automation solutions (MIS/MES) and remote support services. Leveraging new technology and real-time operational data insights, we ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Enhance operational metrics with plant upgrades, smart sensors, and improved data pathways. Our open-source web-based Factory Expert Report suite allows tailored data inputs and graphical outputs. 24/7 emergency support available ensuring you have the automation support when most needed.

Rental Program

Our short-term rental program enables immediate relief for unplanned breakdowns, onsite testing and temporary production capacity expansion. With our rental fleet, you receive continuous support to meet increased demand or capital expenditure limitations.


Giving power to you

Correct operation, on-the-spot troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance by your own staff is the fastest and most economical way of ensuring safe, efficient operation and long service life; making training one of the key services we offer. You can choose between formalized training and seminars at one of the global SPX FLOW facilities or on-site training courses, customized for your particular equipment, processes and maintenance technicians. Each SPX FLOW process solution is supported by operator training schemes based on the experience and expertise of your brand engineers and technicians.

Our aim is to make you as self-supporting as possible:

  • On-site, hands-on training in your workshop
  • Hands-on practice in disassembly and assembly
  • Operator training in your specific applications

Empower your staff with safe and efficient operation knowledge and skills. Our customized on-site and hands-on training programs make you self-supporting. Tailored to your equipment, processes, and maintenance technicians, our training ensures long service life and efficient operations.