Microfiltration (MF) - Membrane Filtration Systems

Product Type(s) : Microfiltration (MF)
Description :

Microfiltration (MF) is used in various dairy and plant-based applications for debacterisation, fractionation and clarification using  ceramic and polymer membranes.



Microfiltration (MF) is based on a membrane with a very open structure allowing most dissolved substances to pass whereas non dissolved particles, bacteria, spores, and fat globules are rejected. It is a highly sustainable, versatile, and proven process designed to increase the production capacity and allows for higher yields and less waste by valorization of sub product and recovery of water. Depending on the specific application, membranes and process parameters are chosen to secure optimal performance of the plant.


  • Proven components and system design
  • Very robust ceramic membranes
  • Long lifetime of the ceramic membranes
  • New generation GP membranes
  • Future option for SW polymer membranes
  • Very high quality and reliably engineered system
  • Pre-assembled in our manufacturing facilities
  • Operator and maintenance friendly