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Featured Product :

D4PMO Double Seat Mix Proof Valve


Manufactured in Delavan, Wisconsin; the D4PMO double seat mix proof valve implements innovative design and compliance with the latest 3-A Sanitary Standard 85-02 for Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) typically needed in Grade-A U.S. dairies. Used for the reliable separation and continuous processing of dissimilar fluids, the D4PMO helps fulfill today’s customer demands for production flexibility, high productivity, rapid return on investment (ROI), and enhanced product quality across various dairy applications including fluid milk, cheese, cream, whey, and yogurt.

Balanced Design

The innovative D4PMO model adds to the proven D4 Series continuous processing mix proof range designed to optimize plant uptime through reliable operation, production flexibility, and enhanced cleanability. The valve utilizes the automated CU4plus control unit which features a fully integrated position and seat lift detection system with internal sensors that eliminate external wiring. The high functioning dairy processing valve also offers a fully balanced design as standard for flexible flow direction without slamming. For the convenience of installation, service, and inventory, the valve is lightweight, does not require air for maintenance, and uses a common seal kit across multiple valve sizes.

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SPX FLOW and Food Union Partnership - 2 Advanced Dairy Production Plants

Food Union collaborated with SPX FLOW to build and design two green field advanced dairy plants in Huh Hot and Dong Ying China.


Fresh and Fermented Dairy Products

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Dairy Alternatives Production

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Butter Production

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Expertly Designed Dairy Processing Plants

With an ever-growing global population, the processing of dairy products is growing in demand. By 2021, the global consumption of dairy is projected to reach 234 metric tons consumed, according to statista, creating a massive global impact. Utilizing the right dairy processing equipment is vital to the effective production of sanitary and delicious dairy-based products for a ballooning global consumer base.

SPX FLOW possesses a century of experience in the dairy industry, focusing on the minutiae of quality dairy processing. SPX FLOW dairy processing innovation centers and testing labs are industry leaders in functional dairy processing research. SPX FLOW invented several key innovative dairy processing components, including the APV Compomaster for fat standardization, the APV Palarisator for UHT infusion and the APV Uperizer for UHT injection.

SPX FLOW specializes in the production of dairy processing equipment and dairy product refinement for: liquid milk, fresh cheese, butter and yellow fat spreads, dried, agglomerated, evaporated and condensed products, cultured products, baby foods and soymilk.


Innovation Centers


Mamirolle, France Innovation Center


An extension to the SPX FLOW Innovation capabilities, SPX Flow has an Innovation Center at ENIL Dairy University, located in Mamirolle, France. The innovation center is designed to support the growing demand for natural, fresh dairy products produced without acid whey and therefore with lower environmental impact.

The combination of SPX FLOW and ENIL expertise offers a powerful synergy that helps customers develop new products, better optimize recipes and processes, enhance the competitiveness of product lines and realize long term growth strategies. In addition, the center is further supported by key industry partners, who supply starter cultures, ingredients, and filling machines.

There are currently two SPX FLOW pilot plants in the center; one for fresh fermented dairy products and the other for the production of spreadable cheese. Supporting international customers, the center enables:

  • Validation of new recipe formulations
  • Support for the evolution of the Ultra Fresh Dairy segment focusing on high-value products - natural, highly concentrated in proteins (up to 1015%) and low in fat (0-2%)
  • Development of cost attractive solutions with greater autonomy in the supply of raw materials
  • Customer-specific training programs the center in Mamirolle has already helped a number of our global and regional customers from the China, India, Middle East, and Latin America to meet their business goals. SPX Flow has a comprehensive testing program in a campaign to produce a large portfolio of Fresh Fermented Dairy Products; including Greek type yogurt, Quark, drinkable yogurt, cultured dairy dessert, and processed cream cheese.
  • To arrange tests, training or support for Fresh and Fermented Dairy Processes, please contact our Global Process Category Manager or your regional Fresh Dairy Champion.


Shanghai, China Innovation Center


The SPX FLOW Shanghai Innovation Center is a dairy focused research and development center with a vital position on a full-scale SPX FLOW manufacturing campus operating production, engineering and distribution channels collectively. The position of the Shanghai Innovation center allows for quick turn-around and testing. The leading dairy test and development center is vital to SPX FLOW’s innovative dairy processing equipment design and optimization. The facility allows for exactingly precise testing of customized dairy processing equipment and the expedited fabrication of optimized equipment. The processes available for testing are:

  • Heat Treatment/UHT
  • Separation
  • Mixing and Blending
  • Cavitation Technology
  • Homogenizer Applications
  • Pumps and Valves
  • CIP Systems
  • Rental Equipment






Industrial separation equipment is primary to the clarification process and ultimately product quality.

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Heat Transfer

From beverage processing to oil and gas refinement, heat transfer processes play critical roles in production lines.

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SPX FLOW application engineers can help develop a specialized heat-treating process for a customer’s needs.

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Mixing & Blending

SPX FLOW application engineers develop customized mixing and blending solutions to the specific process needs of a customer.

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