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SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities, located across the world, specialize in constructing custom process solutions, precisely fit to a customer’s demand. This network of organized facilities is hold to many global commercial leading manufacturing facilities. The SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities rely on the expertise of the specialized process engineers, to design, construct and optimize customized industrial equipment. Along with cutting-edge customization options, SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities are devoted to creating an optimal customer experience.

Custom Manufacturing

SPX FLOW’s global manufacturing facilities are exemplified by their precision. SPX FLOW Process engineers construct industrial products to exactingly fit the specific needs of a process. The minutiae required to meet the careful details of an external process is a necessity to provide equipment that can be integrated seamlessly into a process and last decades within that same process. Much like spare parts, a misfit connection, between parts of a process, and lead to gradually yet vital damage to the equipment involved. Measurements off by the slightest detail could lead to an eroding product life cycle, severely shortening the average lifetime of a product.

Customer Focused Manufacturing

To focus on creating an exceptional customer experience, SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities are often constructed strategically near major transport hubs. Quick product delivery and accuracy are critical to the modern e-commerce experience. SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities implement a series of detailed quality assurance checks in addition to third party certifications to ensure the on-time delivery of the exact product ordered.

Genuine Spare Parts

SPX FLOW genuine spare parts are produced to specific measurements to match the customized design of the clients SPX FLOW equipment. SPX FLOW’s manufacturing of genuine spare parts therefore need to be easily variable to nest fit the precise measurements of a custom design.  These genuine spare parts manufacturing centers are also equipped to expedite the shipping process to minimize a customer’s effective downtime.

Global Manufacturing Network

The Americas


Delavan, Wisconsin 

Delavan, Wisconsin is home to a modern hygienic and industrial process equipment manufacturing facility featuring industry lead engineers, cutting edge technology, and departments dedicated to the production of pumps and valves. The SPX FLOW facility is also a global manufacturer of genuine spare parts, positioned centrally to many transit hubs to expedite product shipping worldwide.

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North Carolina, USA 

The Goldsboro, North Carolina APV production facility manufactures the complete APV heat transfer product line. This manufacturing facility is focused on the optimization and fabrication of cutting-edge heat exchanger technologies.

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Ocala, Florida

Ocala delivers thousands of standard and custom-engineered low dew point control systems annually, for a variety of gases. This state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified facility engineers and manufactures heatless pressure-swing, heat of compression, internally heated, and vacuum and steam heated blower purge dryers. Ocala is the largest desiccant factory in the world. 

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Rochester, New York 

The SPX FLOW Lightnin manufacturing facility in Rochester, New York is dedicated to the assembly, testing, painting and exporting of industrial mixing solutions. The facility houses research and development test centers, featuring large capacity test tanks and a full scale process technology lab. 

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Rochester, New York 

As one of the only dedicated portable industrial mixer manufacturers in the world, the Lightnin portable mixer facility a highly focused operation. Based in Rochester, New York, the 53,000 square foot facility is a streamlined yet highly nimble manufacturer. The Rochester mixer manufacturing plant's machining is designed for efficiency.

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Rockford, Illinois

The Rockford, Illinois manufacturing facility is solely dedicated to the fabrication of hydraulic technologies. Developing hydraulic tools for construction sites, steel mills, power plants, shipyards, mining operations and bridge construction. Manufactured to strict ISO certification standards, SPX FLOW hydraulic technologies are intentionally designed to withstand harsh environments.

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Assen, Netherlands 

The Netherlands SPX FLOW manufacturing plant produces centrifugal pumps primarily. Pumps as multistage pumps, self-priming pumps, mag drive pumps, submersible pumps are all designed and fabricated in the Dutch facility.

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In the Belgian SPX FLOW factory, a range of internal gear pumps, stainless steel and cast iron, are manufactured. The manufacturing facilities concentration on internal gear pumps allows for the detailed refinement, optimization, and design of the fabricated equipment.  

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Bydgoszcz, Poland

The SPX FLOW facility in central Europe is designed for efficient production of high-quality products with reliable and competitive lead times. The highly skilled engineering team of the Bydgoszcz, Poland manufacturing facility along with advanced manufacturing equipment, ensures components are made to the highest quality standards with streamlined yet precise processes. Manufacturing Hygienic valves; automatic and manual versions for shut off, flow diversion, throttling control, aseptic, and mix proof applications; and all are designed to be lightweight, maintenance friendly, and cost effective.

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Norderstedt,  Germany

Norderstedt is home to our Bran + Luebbe brand industrial metering pumps and systems. serving a range of industry sectors Bran + Luebbe offer custom industrial products. Bran + Luebbe metering pumps (NOVADOS, NOVAPLEX, ProCam) are all configured-to-order and engineered-to-order. based on the customers specific needs.

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The Sweden production facility fabricates flexible impeller pumps, manufactured specifically for both marine and industrial use.  The Swedish manufacturing campus excels in multi-functional design, an invaluable asset in the optimization of impeller pumps from multi-medium use.

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Busan, Korea

The Busan, Korea manufacturing facility produces SPX FLOW’s Jemaco® brand desiccant compressed air dryers. Used in the petrochemical, power generation, electronics and manufacturing industries, the Jemaco brand has become known for the manufacturing critical components for air compressor systems. The Busan facility is one of the world’s leading manufacturing sites for refrigerated dryers, utilizing a fully automated manufacturing process, it will be able to produce 30,000 refrigerated air dryers annually.

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Shanghai, China

SPX FLOW Shanghai, China manufacturing campus consist of 4 separate service types: a production line, Innovation center, service and distribution sector and an engineering lab. The Shanghai operation consist of ten lean functioning production lines for sanitary components and systems. The SPX FLOW Innovation Center is focused on the research and development of new technologies, and the refinement of functional food and beverage processes. The engineering and distribution centers both focus on the fulfillment of customized consume products respectively.

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