Sustainability in Action

At the heart of our mission is building a sustainable legacy, making every day, Earth Day. Sustainability shapes our operations and solutions, for both customers and consumers. This recognition underscores our dedication to innovation and ecosystems affected by emissions, energy and water waste, motivating us to keep pushing boundaries and creating products that drive positive change in everyday life.

With over 550 patents worldwide, 44% focus on sustainability and clean tech.


Water is one of our planet’s most precious natural resources. That’s why we design and engineer solutions that conserve water throughout our organization. From changes within our own manufacturing facilities, to innovating products our clients use in their process systems, our goal is to use as little water as possible while still being productive, efficient and profitable. To learn more about our commitment to water conservation, read up on these innovations that are saving customer's water around the world.

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From how we use energy to power our systems, to the transfer of energy within these systems, energy consumption is a critical element to most all sustainability initiatives. That’s why here at SPX FLOW, we consider energy conservation as a critical function within our engineering, design, and manufacturing processes. Whether that means utilizing technology to maximize efficiencies, or recycling energy within our systems to use less of it, energy conservation is one of our top priorities. So much so, we've selected a few that have shown significant energy savings in operation.

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Generating waste is part of the industrial process. But waste directly contributes to increased water consumption, increased energy consumption, increased greenhouse emissions and more. Which is why we constantly innovate to cut down or eliminate waste altogether whenever possible. This goes both for our own operations, as well as the solutions we create for our customers.


According to science, emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon, directly contributes to the warming of the earth’s climate. That’s why as industry leaders it’s our responsibility to ensure that our facilities, as well as the products we make, are respectful of emissions in every scenario. From assisting customers remotely, to developing membrane filtration and evaporation technology that removes excess water from liquid raw materials resulting in fewer trucks on the road, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping our customers do the same. Discover more on our efforts to conserve through our five pillars of Solutions That Matter.