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APV's Most Flexible Mixer Ever

14 September 2022

Consumer tastes are changing, and processors need to be more flexible than ever to adapt to market trends. Perfecting a new recipe takes time before finding that right balance between texture, taste, appearance and consistency. Imagine test running a large batch, only to find it is not up to standard. Maybe it is too dry or too moist.

This is common. The question is: do you have a way to mix small batch samples before this happens?

Well, our solution makers designed a pilot mixer that allows producers to test new flavor and texture combinations before investing in large scale production and shutting down lines.

We call it the APV Flex-Mix Pilot Mixer.

We have long produced high shear mixers for low to high viscosities used in full scale production lines. But no one wants to waste raw material in their testing. The APV Flex-Mix Pilot Mixer minimizes waste, saves costs and helps sustainability. We know the challenge for recipe development is making batch sizes as small as possible, without compromising on testing parameters and with the ability and confidence to replicate at full scale in the future.

Combining our high shear mixer portfolio into one compact multifunctional unit, the APV Flex-Mix Pilot is a versatile all-in-one mixer. A flexible design for flexible innovation.

There are three different mixing settings, depending upon your application:

    • One is atmospheric mixing for low viscosity products like ice cream mix and recombined dairy products. It uses internal recirculation and scales up to our Flex-Mix™ Liquiverter mixer.
    • Another is vacuum-mixing for low viscosity products like infant formula and plant-based products. It uses external recirculation and scales up to our Flex-Mix™ Instant mixer.
    • Finally, there is a mixer setting that can be used with or without vacuum or heating for medium and high viscous products like processed cheese and meat products. It uses internal recirculation and scales up to our Flex-Mix™ Multiverter mixer.

This single unit can process products requiring a wide range of ingredients including liquids, dry powders, soluble pastes, coarse grinds and solids. A sustainable solution that can be operated by just one person.

This will help develop recipes for everything from infant formula, ice cream and plant-based products to dressings, sauces and high-protein yogurts. Producers can make a variety of products in small batches, frequently changing the formulations if necessary.

Rarely do products blend perfectly from the start. Rounds of revisions are necessary to reach the finest flavor, texture, and market expectations, but this should not cost you downtime or money. Level up your production line with the APV Flex-Mix Pilot Mixer, the little mixer with so much flex.




The Author

Con O’Driscoll,Global Product Manager, Dispersion Products

Con O’Driscoll is Global Product Manager for Homogenizers, Sanitary Mixers and Separators at SPX FLOW, driving innovation in dispersion solutions enabling our customers to meet their customer and market needs consistently and sustainably.



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