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Congress to Concrete

22 December 2022

As details finalize around the US infrastructure bill, construction companies will soon bid on a range of projects. Contractors will launch projects for roads, bridges, public transit, waterways, and airport upkeep. To meet this opportunity, crews will need heavy lifting equipment that’s reliable, durable and – one thing that’s become increasingly difficult -- available.

Our solution makers recently helped HWP Rigging, a rigging and transportation service, by quickly providing 28, 200-ton locking collar cylinders needed to build a commercial office space in Charlotte, N.C. When HWP Rigging initially struggled to find the products, the construction lead had worked with us for years and knew we’d come through. Take a look at our video below.

While this project called for locking collar cylinders, our solutions are tailored for each customer. Take our lowering motion control system (MCS) and how it helps with both quality and safety.

The MCS product is often used in applications where load position is critical, such as a bridge lift near our Charlotte headquarters. We assisted a contracting company with our 8- to 80-point, tilt function synchronized lifting and MCS. Whether it is a bridge, building or any kind of heavy load, the precision movement can be carried out automatically within a one-millimeter degree of accuracy from point-to-point.

The leading Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) MCS feature allows the user to control the lift from a safe distance so workers don’t need to turn valves or take measurements too close to the lift points. It’s another example of how our engineers design safety measures into every product. Our Power Team even offers free, on-site safety training for customers so that we can help you, help them.

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The Author

David Lundquist,Global Product Manager

David Lundquist is the Global Product Manager for Hydraulic Technologies, driving heavy lift hydraulic solutions across construction, infrastructure, mining, power generation, and transportation industries.



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