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  • Mobile & Stationary Hydraulics

Hytec's extensive portfolio offers the market strong but easily-adjustable clamps (edge, swing/pull, etc.), work supports, cylinders (threaded body, cylindrical, block, etc.), control valves for flow, directional and pressure control, workholding palletized systems and power sources/intensifiers. The stability of Hytec engineered work supports prevent deflection and vibration of the held workpieces during machining –resulting in superior end products and reduced scrappage – while the rapid loading/unloading they support means that productivity levels can be raised significantly. Hytec ultra-low leakage control valves can be pump mounted, manifold mounted or remotely situated. These are complemented by energy-efficient power sources (both electrically-driven and air-driven), which deliver constant levels of pressure to the valves as required. Finally, Hytec intensifiers can be employed to supplement existing hydraulic power sources (to boost the pressure output).


Hydraulic Training Programs

SPX FLOW offers a range of hydraulic technologies training courses through our hydraulic technologies training centers and online.

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Custom Product Requests

SPX FLOW Hydraulic Technologies offers a variety of custom hydraulic solutions to meet your applications needs.

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Manufacturing Facilities

SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities, located across the world, specializing in constructing custom process solutions, precisely fit to a customer’s demand.

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