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Industrial Food Processing Equipment

The Food processing industry is year-by-year adapting to the modern demand of an ever-changing global market. With the emergence of generation Y and Z as decision-makers in the global food processing market, contemporary trends are playing a large role in customer buying decisions. Sustainability, and overall a more health-focused market, is driving demand for more intentional designed food processing industrials.

Sustainable Food Processing

SPX FLOW utilizes custom-designed food processing solutions to fit customer needs and ultimate end-user demand. SPX FLOW initiatives include environmentally thoughtful design and the implementation of energy-saving systems into food manufacturing processes. Our expertly crafted customized systems are then tested and refined within our innovation centers to ensure process validity. Post-purchase SPX FLOW aftermarket services are dedicated to promoting the longevity of industrial food processing equipment.

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Innovation and Testing Centers

SPX FLOW innovation centers are located globally to lead SPX FLOW research and development initiatives and to offer a controlled environment to customers for a depth of industry-specific testing. SPX FLOW food processing innovation centers and test labs feature a range of equipment leveraged by the SPX FLOW brand portfolio. This range of equipment allows clients to utilize larger process testing and refine the objectives of vital food processing equipment.

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SPX FLOW application engineers can help develop a specialized heat-treating process for a customer’s needs.

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Mixing & Blending

SPX FLOW application engineers develop customized mixing and blending solutions to the specific process needs of a customer.

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Heat Transfer

From beverage processing to oil and gas refinement, heat transfer processes play critical roles in production lines.

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Industrial separation equipment is primary to the clarification process and ultimately product quality.

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