Theory of Operation

The homogenization process is used to enhance product characteristics, add value and/or lower costs. It is a physical process that mixes immiscible liquids into an emulsion. The homogenizer is basically a positive displacement pump to which a homogenizing valve is attached. The fluids entering the homogenizer are forced through a small gap at high pressure. This causes a rapid increase in velocity and decrease in pressure creating turbulence and pressure differences that cause disruption and dispersion of the particles.

Why use a homogenizer?

Homogenizers are widely used in the dairy, food and beverage, healthcare and cosmetics, chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. They can deliver significant added product value, enhanced product quality and competitive edge. Systems can be designed and tuned to offer specific product characteristics including:

  • Smoother mouth feel
  • High gloss finishes
  • Particle size control for smoother, finer emulsions
  • Improved stability to reduce needs for additives
  • Improved water binding
  • Enhanced color properties
  • Uniform emulsions
  • Creams and lotions that are easier to apply

Correctly designed homogenization systems can enhance products and reduce costs. SPX FLOW delivers in-depth understanding of the homogenization process, enabling its custom-designed, leading APV Rannie and Gaulin homogenizers to deliver benefits such as improved final product quality, highly stable products and reduced recipe costs with lower additives.

Why choose SPX FLOW homogenizer solutions?

With homogenizers that are designed to specific customer needs, SPX FLOW offers its customers vast experience (over 100 years!) in getting the most from their homogenization process. With continuing research and development and leading test facilities, SPX FLOW homogenizers are designed to maximize return on investment. They are engineered to give customers a final product with real competitive edge with enhanced process efficiency; high-quality product characteristics; consistent results; optimized energy and water consumption, and reliable operation.

Optimizing your process

SPX FLOW operates Innovation and Design Centers which have all the necessary equipment and personnel to perform trials of the homogenization process on product samples and to analyze the results. We work with customers to design processes that meet their specific production requirements while ensuring systems offer optimum efficiency by only running at pressures necessary to obtain desired results. This means that homogenizers are correctly designed and not over-engineered – optimizing capital and operating expenditure.


We are the pioneers of the homogenization process!

  • 1892 Rannie is established in Albertslund, Denmark featuring production of lactoscopes and pumps for use in the dairy industry.
  • 1899 Auguste Gaulin is granted a patent in Paris for a homogenizer for milk (U.S.patent granted in 1904).
  • 1900 Milk homogenized on Gaulin’s machine is shown at the World Fair in Paris.
  • 1909 Manton-Gaulin company is formed to manufacture the Gaulin homogenizer.
  • 1918 Rannie develops its first homogenizer.


Auguste Gaulin invented the homogenizer at the end of the nineteenth century and presented his invention as a process for “treating” milk. In the literature of that time, the word homogenized was first used to describe milk treated by the Gaulin machine. In the early days homogenizers were used almost exclusively to prevent creaming in whole milk, but today homogenization is used extensively in a wide range of applications within the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

With over a century of real-world experience, SPX FLOW has the products and experts to ensure an ideal configuration and installation for you through the SPX FLOW Homogenizer Services. SPX FLOW’s APV® Gaulin® and Rannie® Homogenizers help you to meet your needs, no matter what industry you are in.


At SPX FLOW we put customers at the heart of everything we do and our lifetime support starts by engaging with you early. We use our extensive experience in designing, building, supporting and upgrading to offer optimal homogenizer service solutions for our customers. When we design your products and systems, we don’t just look at what was done before - we look at how our existing systems operate in real-life.

To ensure that our customers get the best out of their machines with low operating costs and risks, we have the highest quality Genuine spares and supporting engineers available. To ensure we have the best coverage for our customers, we work together with our partners to make sure the right skills are available to support you where and when you need it.

Homogenizers operate for a very long time and SPX Flow is here to help you keep them running efficiently throughout their whole life cycle. Being the original manufacturer, we can identify exactly what parts are needed and supply them to you quickly. Our genuine spares are off the highest quality will incorporate the latest safety, design and material improvements available.

Contact us to talk about the best preventative maintenance strategies and get the best out of your homogenizer over many years to come.