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Thirst for Innovation

The expanding consumer palette presents many opportunities for beverage producers to add value to their offerings. Adding natural fruit flavor to water, tapping the unique flavors of plant-based ingredients, and using more sustainable processes are ways in which beverage producers have been innovating to improve their share of the changing beverage marketplace.

Success requires an informed understanding of your target audience, a sound product strategy and the agility to execute that strategy.

Knowing the Difference
Flexibility and process know-how are key to innovation in the fast-moving beverage industry. Water, cow’s milk, nut drink, fermented ingredients, fruits and vegetables all have unique processing requirements, as do products for infants, children, middle-aged adults, or the elderly.

Knowing and leveraging those nuances requires maximum agility to adapt to emerging opportunities without compromising taste, texture, and safety. This is where SPX FLOW comes in.

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SPX FLOW has 50 years of experience in beverage processing and delivers complete solutions for optimizing beverage processing lines.  Our experts bring deep industry experience and the most advanced technology. We supplement your experience with deep and current knowledge of drink production.  We specialize in flavored waters, nutritional beverages, and plant-based drinks, and have a proven track record in delivering quality across the beverage value chain, from recipe development, production and delivery.

When it comes to equipment, we offer systems for all your beverage production needs. That includes proven in the field systems for grinding, blanching, heat exchange, mixing and blending, membrane filtration, separation, homogenization, ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment, evaporation and drying. 

The processes we create for you will help maximize product quality, production yield and food safety while minimizing raw material waste, operating costs, energy consumption and footprint.  Our extensive experience with project management of major capital projects makes us the ideal partner for your most challenging processing needs.

Global Innovation Centers
Your success in bringing exciting beverages to today’s markets begins with the recognition of a market opportunity and a recipe. SPX FLOW has the expertise to analyze market opportunities and work with you to develop a recipe and process that leverages your core competencies.

We are constantly innovating on your behalf.  Much of the development and testing takes place at our global Innovation Centers, which provide a small-case multipurpose production facility and fully equipped laboratory to support development and product testing. We work with you to fine-tune your end product, including modifying the recipe, process, or equipment as needed to maximize market success.

For more information about SPX FLOW global Innovation Centers, go here.

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