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The Stone name is synonymous with pioneering work in the field of hydraulics - and for generations, Stone has brought industrial solutions to market that are powerful, yet still highly compact and energy-efficient. Today, as a member of the SPX FLOW group of advanced engineering brands, Stone is continuing to build on that longstanding reputation.

The Stone modular design approach means that Stone application engineers can select from a variety of different constituent elements in order to specify a solution that is an ideal match for customers’ particular technical and budgetary requirements. Examples include AC and DC motor options, different pumps and reservoirs, plus accompanying valves and plumbing. These tailored solutions are backed up by a highly-experienced application engineering team who are able to pass on a wealth of knowledge and valuable advice to our global customer base.


Manufacturing Facilities

SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities, located across the world, specializing in constructing custom process solutions, precisely fit to a customer’s demand.

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Hydraulic Training Programs

SPX FLOW offers a range of hydraulic technologies training courses through our hydraulic technologies training centers and online.

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Custom Product Requests

SPX FLOW Hydraulic Technologies offers a variety of custom hydraulic solutions to meet your applications needs.

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Stone, an SPX® FLOW brand, unveils the latest version of its Wireless control for STONE power packs.

After almost 10 years of the EF-7600 & EF-7700, Stone has unveiled the new and improved version of the wireless control system. While the existing system has proven itself to be reliable and stable, Stone, has a duty to continue to deliver on our mandate of providing highest-quality, innovative solutions to our customers. As part of this, it’s essential that our products comply with the different regulations that exist in the many countries around the world, so that we can ensure the availability of components used to build the wireless controls, and that they remain covered by our manufacturers guaranteed irrespective of location. In order to achieve this and continue to guarantee the continuity, availability and reliability of the systems in the future, we switched to a new radio control. This was necessary, because certain essential components became more difficult to deliver as a result of changes in technology and regulations.

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