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  • Mobile & Stationary Hydraulics

System Components


Bolting Systems hoses are available for both torque (10,000 psi/700 bar) and tension applications (21,750 psi/1500 bar).  The hoses are also offered for both top side and subsea applications. Hoses can be ordered in a variety of diameters and lengths. 


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Flow Control Valve


  • Allows the operator to position the torque wrench with zero risk of entrapment or nipped fingers
  • Suitable for hydraulic tool applications where local isolation and operator control is required
  • Isolates the wrench whilst operator carries out drive direction changes, link switch over on low profile tools
  • Pressure balanced spool mechanism allowing for easier trigger pull/squeeze effort (fatigue reduction)
  • Two-stage trigger system (interlock and trigger) preventing accidental operation/advancement of the tool
  • 2:1 Safety Factor (pressure test min 20,000 psi / 1380 bar)
  • Can be used with any hydraulic torque wrench


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Hose Couplers & Fittings

Bolting Systems provides couplers and fittings for both torque (10,000 psi/700 bar) and tension applications (21,750 psi/1500 bar).  The couplers and fittings are also offered for both top side and subsea applications.  Additional fittings such as elbow blocks, tee blocks and banjo assemblies are available.

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Hydraulic Fluids

Standard Hydraulic Oil

For dependable performance of all your hydraulic pumps and cylinders. Contains foam suppressant additives and has a high viscosity index.

Flame-Out® 220 fire resistant hydraulic fluid*

Contains anti-rust, anti-foam and anti-sludge additives. Provides fire resistant protection. (Note: Will burn if heat source is extreme enough. Will not, however, propagate the flame and is self-extinguishing when there is no ignition source.) Provides maximum lubrication and heat transfer. Offers a wider operating temperature range. No need to change seals in your Power Team equipment. Just drain the standard oil and replace it with Flame-Out® 220.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

Biodegradable, non-toxic fluid withstands moderate to severe operating conditions; provides excellent protection against rust. Offers superior anti-wear properties, has excellent multi-metal compatibility.


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