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  • Mobile & Stationary Hydraulics

Varieties of Fittings & Adapters.  Union Tee, Male Run Tee, Male Branch Tee, Male Elbow, Male Union Male Connector, Tube Sleeve, Check Valve, Connector Bushing, Swivel Adapter, Reducers, Plugs, Metering Valves, Air Bleed Valves, Accumulator Metering Valves, Straight, and more.

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Standard, Push-to-Connect, 1/4" NPTF Connections, 5,00 psi maximum.


Hytec offers both an economical standard poppet type coupler and labor-saving push-to-connect flat face coupler. Both styles are rated at 5,000 psi that has 1⁄4” NPTF connections.

The standard coupler is recommended for lower cycle applications where two hand connections and slight spillage after disconnection is acceptable.

The push-to-connect coupler is easier to connect and keep clean, making it ideal for use in high cycle applications like pallet coupling. (This coupler is found on our manual pallet valve.) The flat face design eliminates the waste and mess associated with other types of hydraulic couplers. The coupler collar is lockable, making it even more secure in moving applications.

  • Standard and push-to-connect versions
  • 1⁄4” NPTF connections
  • 5,000 psi maximum operating pressures

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Varities of Cross Fittings. Compression Tube,  Male Cross Flared Tube, Female Cross NPTF.

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Varities of Elbow Fittings.  45° - 90° Male and Female Elbows. Compression Tube, NPTF, O.R.B.

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Fluid Levels / Temp


Fluid Level/Temperature Gauge (No. 350431)

This combination fluid level/temperature gauge allows you to visually check the level of the hydraulic fluid in your Hytec pump without opening the fill port. Its large 1 1⁄4" wide, 6 3⁄8" high viewing area lets you see the fluid level from a distance. Built into the gauge is a dual scale thermometer that reads 32–212°F and 0-100°C. To mount, simply drill two 1⁄2" diameter holes in the reservoir and attach the gauge. This gauge is designed for use on pumps with 2.5 gal. and 5.7 gal. metal reservoirs as well as 2 gal. polyethylene reservoirs.

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Gauges / Reservoirs

Reservoir Conversion Kit (No. 260205)

Includes 2.5 gallon (375 cu. in. usable) metal reservoir with a gasket and all the hardware needed to replace the plastic reservoir on pump Nos. 100178, 100179, 100178-230, 100179-230, 100922 and 100200.


Reservoir Conversion Kit (No. 213896)

Includes 107 cu. in. (102 cu. in. usable) metal reservoir, plus gasket and fasteners needed to replace the plastic reservoir on pump Nos. 100280, 100190, 100180, 58219, 100921, 100918, 100174, 100191 and 100920.

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Hytec’s low carbon steel tubing conforms to SAE J525. Hytec fittings may not be compatible with other tubing materials and grades (eg. stainless steel). DO NOT SUBSTITUTE. Hytec tubing may not be compatible with other fittings. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE.


Hytec thermoplastic hose conforms to SAE 100R8 specifications.


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In-Line Filters

No. 100845

This high-pressure filter is intended for use in systems where there is flow in only one direction such as pressure or return lines between the power source and control valve. This in-line filter has a removable/replaceable sintered bronze element. The element is accessible without removing the filter body from the installation.

No. 100857, 100919

These high pressure, non-bypass, in-line filters are suitable for both unidirectional and bi-directional circuits. This allows the filter to be installed in single acting or double acting circuits downstream from the control valve where the fluid flows in both directions. It's specially reinforced, stainless steel mesh filter element resists fatigue from pressure spikes. Both are ideal for use in pallet coupling circuits to protect components from contaminants introduced at the couplers. The No. 100857 is ideally suited for Hytec's manual pallet valve (100223). Simply remove the coupler from the pallet valve and install this filter between the valve and coupler.


  • 5,000 psi maximum operating pressure
  • Low pressure drop
  • Removable/replaceable elements

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Remote mounting manifolds


The 9614 manifold assembly comes as standard equipment on Hytec pumps.

Use this manifold to convert these pumps back to manifold outlet, remote mounted valve applications. Includes manifold, reservoir return tube, mounting hardware and two 1⁄4" NPT plugs. The 100944 is available for making SAE O-ring connections.

Manifold 36105 is ideal for connecting multiple actuators to a single pressure source. Used with conventional 1⁄4" NPT fittings, the seven ports are internally connected with large diameter passages to reduce restriction. The ports on any of the four sides can be plugged if not used. Two mounting holes are provided in the manifold to secure it to the fixture or machine tool. Since there are no ports in the top or bottom mounting faces, multiple manifolds can be stacked to save space.

Manifold 100941 shares the same features but provides SAE O-ring ports.

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Pressure Gauges


Hytec offers standard hydraulic pressure gauges for monitoring system pressure. All have English and metric scales for convenience.

Liquid-filled gauges are recommended for high cycle or pulsating applications because the liquid tends to dampen vibration which protects the meter movement and calms “needle quiver.” Dry gauges are recommended for applications where fast needle reaction is essential.

All gauges have built-in snubbers. In applications where pressure spikes are present, further snubbing may be necessary for the dry gauge.

  • Dual scales
  • Liquid-filled or dry
  • 1⁄4" NPT brass connection, bottom and 1⁄8" NPT back mount

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Pressure Monitoring Systems


What is the biggest fear you have about hydraulic pallet systems? For most operators, it is that you’ll transfer a pallet into a machining center only to find that the hydraulic clamping system has failed to acuate. Or worse yet, slowly lost pressure while it was waiting in the pallet pool.

Pressure monitoring systems for hydraulic fixtures have always been a good idea. Unitl now, however, the systems were complex, high maintenance, took up space and were very expensive.

Hytec has introduced a new small, simple contact, pallet pressure monitoring system that eliminates the need for batteries on the pallet! The system consists of three parts: a pressure switch, a transmitter and a receiver.

On the pallet, the pressure switch is connected to the transmitter. At the worksetting station or in the machine, the receiver is connected to your machine’s controller or cell PLC.

When the transmitter is in close proximity to the receiver, it inductively powers the onpallet electrical system. No batteries are required! The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver indicating that the pallet is pressurized to above the minimum pressure set by the pressure switch.

Powered by your 24VDC PLC, you can program machine shut-down, pallet rejection or simply warn your operator should system pressure fall below the pressure switch setting.

A typical system for pallet pressure monitoring requires one receiver for each location where pressure is being monitored. Each pallet requires one transmitter and one pressure switch.

The system can be used to monitor pressure as the transmitter on the pallet passes near the receiver as it travels into the machining center. In applications where the receiver can be mounted in the machine where the pallet is fixed or where the receiver can follow the pallet, constant, non-contact monitoring is possible.

The transmitter and receiver pair can be used with any number of switches in series to monitor multiple pressures or positions. (Switches must be designed for low amperage applications.) Additional switches might be used to monitor workpiece position or ensure that mechanical fixture elements have actuated. This system is also capable of powering one, non-contact proximity sensor, either with or without pressure switches. Contact Hytec for additional application information.

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Pressure Switch

This hydraulic pressure switch is used to either control or monitor system pressure. To control system pressure the switch can be electrically wired into a pump’s power circuit. At lower pressures, the switch is closed, causing the pump to run. When the pressure reaches the switch setting, the switch contacts open, stopping the pump. When system demands cause the pressure to drop 300 psi, the contacts will again close to start the pump. This switch is included with all Hytec electric pumps.

When used to monitor system pressure, the switch can be used to signal a warning light or other alarm, or can be interfaced with a machine tool to shut down a process if pressure falls below the switch setting. Includes 1/4" NPT tee for connecting to hydraulic circuit, and two feet of 18 AWG cable.


  • Pressure range: 1,000 to 5,000 psi
  • Differential: 200-600 psi, non-adjustable
  • Contacts are normally closed – can be converted to normally open
  • Contact rating: 250 VAC max.; 5 amps max.
  • UL recognized
  • Contacts are CSA approved

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Remote Controls

Remote Hand Switch (No. 202778)

Ideal for use with the 9612 control valve. Includes 10 feet of 18 AWG 3-wire cable, and a sealed, CSA approved, single-pole doublethrow momentary rocker switch in a glass reinforced thermoplastic enclosure.

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Rotating Unions


Rotating unions allow hydraulic or air power sources to be continuously connected in rotating applications allowing the use of constant pressure hydraulic workholding on lathes, boring machines, rotary transfer tables, etc. The single circuit union is used for single-acting systems. The dual circuit version is necessary for double-acting systems or for two separate single-acting circuits. The unique design of the dual circuit union eliminates the possibility of inter-passage leakage so different fluids can be used in each circuit without danger of intermixing.

For maximum seal life, combined conditions of both maximum pressure and maximum rpm should be avoided.

Rotors are plated for wear and corrosion resistance. Both versions use a low torque, balanced seal design.

  • Single and dual circuit designs
  • Range 28 in. hg. to 3,000 psi maximum
  • 250 rpm maximum
  • Balanced seal design
  • Low torque

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Varieties of Tee Fittings.  Union, Male Run, Male Branch, Male / Female Tee

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Workholding Accessories

Short and Long Arms series of "Live-Roller"


Swing/Pull Clamp Arms

Hytec offers both short and long arms for each series of “Live-RollerTM” swing/pull clamps. In each case, the short arm (often referred to as the “standard” arm) is designed to be used at pressures up to the clamp's maximum rating of 5000 psi. The long arms are designed to be used as is or easily modified for your applications that require a longer reach. When using the long arms, maximum hydraulic pressure and flow must be reduced. See the accompanying charts. Do not use meter-out circuitry for controlling doubleacting clamp speeds. See pages 105 and 123 for metering valves. Contact Hytec if further design assistance is required.

Rotation Options

Hytec's 2,400 lbs. capacity, 0.500 inch clamping stroke Swing/Pull clamps can be converted to a 30, 45, or 60 degree swing by exchanging the internal cam. Order the appropriate cam from the table to the left.

All of Hytec's 2,400 lbs. capacity, 0.500 inch clamping stroke Swing/Pull clamps are also available from the factory with 30, 45, and 60 degree swing options. Contact Hytec for ordering information.
Custom Arm Mounting for Swing/Pull Clamps

Custom built arms of any length must clamp to the swing/pull clamp's piston rod in a manner similar to the Hytec arms or some derating of the clamp will be necessary. The design feature allowing the arm to be clamped to the piston rod is recommended for all applications of single and double arms. See the accompanying chart for design details. In applications where there is no bending stress being transferred into the piston rod (like push/pull linkages and equalizing double arms), this design detail may be eliminated. In these applications, the clamp's full capacity (referred to as “straight pull” capacity) is available.

Any clamp using a modified or custom arm that is longer or heavier than Hytec's standard arms must be derated to prevent internal damage. Do not exceed the maximum speed and pressure ratings for Hytec's standard arms. For maximum hydraulic pressure and speed ratings, see the accompanying charts. Do not use meter-out circuitry for controlling double-acting clamp speeds. Contact Hytec if further design assistance is required.


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