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Extracting Value from Dairy Liquids
A growing, health-conscious middle-class economy is driving heightened demand for powders that can be reconstituted into high-end infant formula (IF), follow up formula (FU), grown up milk (GUM), muscle-building protein supplements such as whey protein isolate (WPI), and a diverse array of other nutrient-rich applications. Having such products in a powdered form benefits both consumers and food suppliers because they have longer shelf life and cost less to transport and store.

Dairy liquids are a good source of key ingredients of many powdered mixes.  When separated out and converted, for example, whey and casein are good protein sources, and lactose a good carbohydrate source. But converting dairy liquids to powders does present unique production demands.

Quality powder output depends heavily on the ability to regulate drying parameters during the process to attain maximum sanitization without causing heat damage to sensitive ingredients.  What happens before and after drying, however, can be just as critical. The entire process, from raw liquid feed to final powder output must be optimized.  Without expert attention to every tradeoff along the way, the potential for losing nutrients, powder, capacity, or energy is tremendous and can obliterate profit margins.

That is where SPX FLOW can help. As a supplier of the complete range of food production systems, we have all the necessary technology and experience in implementing and optimizing it around your objectives. Whether your strategy is to reduce CAPEX or OPEX, increase yield, product quality, or accomplish new customer product development, we will analyze that strategy, project ROI and recommend an optimal solution that does not compromise plant safety.

We bring over a century of experience in dairy processing and have invented several key innovative dairy processing components. And we continue to innovate with customers in research centers around the globe, each of which is full-equipped and staffed to refine, test and simulate production of your product concepts.



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