Hygienic Scraping (Pigging) System

Product Type(s) : Pigging Systems
Description :

Sanitary scraping or pigging systems allow product recovery from pipelines in hygienic processing plants.  The scraper is pushed through the pipeline and recovers valuable product left in the pipe minimizing product loss and increasing product yields.



Benefits of sanitary scraping systems:

  • Improved productivity, enhanced sustainability and increased profits
  • Reduced waste volume and treatment costs; chemical detergent usage; water usage; cleaning time, changeover time
  • Creates higher product yields
  • Reduction of product losses
  • Fast payback
  • Available in aseptic design

Proven scraping solutions by SPX FLOW:

  • More than 300 systems sold over a period in excess of 25 years
  • References on four continents
  • Over 300 scrapers sold per year
  • 92 systems at one customer site alone
Theory of Operation

How does a scraping or pigging system work in sanitary processing ?

Pigging / Scraping Systems - Type A

The scraper is launched behind the product at the end of production to create a “barrier” with the pusher fluid and avoid mixing.

After the clean in place operation is completed, the scraper module drains the pipeline in preparation for the next production cycle before returning to its home position inside the launcher.

The scraper moves forwards and backwards between the launcher and the receiver within the same single pipe.

Pigging / Scraping Systems - Type B

The scraper is launched between each product interface and returns to the launcher via a secondary pipeline. The scraper always moves in the same direction in a closed loop pipeline. The scraper can be used multiple times without stopping production.

Particularly suitable for processes such as fruit injection which do not require cleaning between product changeover.



Process Diagram for Stirred Yogurt Production

Fruit yogurt production can combine return scraping (type A) on yogurt pipeline and closed loop scraping (type B) on fruit lines.

At each flavor changeover on each injection line, scraper (type B) is launched without stopping production.

At the end of production, maximum amount of both yogurt and fruit is recovered thanks to the combination of both types of scraping systems


Scraper component: Material:  Made of 1935/2004/EC food contact compliant SILICONE or EPDM  Sizes:  1" - 4" Identification:  Material batch number engraved on the scraper allows for full material traceability.