Pet Food

Supporting Our Furry Friends With Tail-Wagging Process Solutions

Evolving consumer preferences offer ample opportunities for manufacturers to optimize their pet food processing equipment while creating a more sustainable pet food. Incorporating natural ingredients, exploring plant-based formulations and adopting sustainable manufacturing processes are all avenues to capture a share of this fast-changing market. Considerations include alternative protein sources requiring fewer resources (such as water and land) compared to traditional meat sources, innovative ways to upcycle food waste as a biproduct of other production lines or upgrading aging equipment to implement more effective water and energy consumption that reduces impact on local resources.

Staying abreast of trends and solutions in the pet food industry requires adaptability and technical expertise, which are key to success in this evolving industry. Pet food manufacturing, whether for dogs, cats, or even exotic animals, has distinct processing requirements. Agility is crucial to seize emerging opportunities while maintaining product quality, consistency, and hygienic safety standards.

Production Stages to Support Pet Food Processing

Pet food manufacturing includes several production stages, including ingredient selection, grinding, fluid handling, extrusion, heat treatment, drying, coating and flavoring, sanitation and packaging. Pet food equipment is tailored to meet the unique needs of the pets we love and adore, ensuring proper nutrition, digestibility and flavor as well as desired shape, texture and adherence to safety regulations. After ingredients are selected and processed, fluid handling in the pet food production equipment line-up involves processing liquids, such as water, broth or gravies, while proper mixing ensures each batch contains consistent nutrients and flavors and increases digestibility. The appropriate heat treatment, also known as thermal treatment, retains more nutrients and flavor as the ingredients are prepared. Drying removes excess moisture to extend shelf life and can assist with the additional of coatings, flavorings and vitamins that facilitate palatability and nutrition. Pet food sterilization equipment ensures cleanliness of the equipment to meet regulatory standards and prevent cross-contamination between batches, increasing confidence that consumer expectations are met for safety and quality.

Processing Equipment for Pet Food

Whether your customers and their furry friends prefer taste, texture, palatability, quality ingredients, or are simply seeking a more sustainable pet food, SPX FLOW offers pet food equipment to increase productivity, efficiency and solutions targeted to meet your sustainability goals. Our range of pet food processing equipment includes technologies found within most production stages: positive displacement pumps, mixproof valves and valve manifolds, batch powder mixers, metering pumps, top entry mixers, portable mixers and agitators, pigging systems to recover and retain more high-value product from the line, high shear mixers such as cavitation, bottom, batch, in-line and continuous mixing units, scraped surface heat exchangers, Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems, spray bed dryers and evaporators. At SPX FLOW, we know collaboration is key to creating sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions, so contact us today.


SPX FLOW draws on five decades of industry processing experience combining our expertise with cutting-edge technology, prioritizing product quality, yield optimization and food safety while minimizing waste, energy consumption and operational costs. Whether your goal is perfecting your next recipe for a flavored treat, specialized nutritional formula, well-balanced gravy or paté, or simply want to optimize energy or water consumption, we excel in delivering quality pet food manufacturing equipment in your manufacturing process.

Global Innovation and Design Centers

Our global Innovation and Design Centers serve as hubs for product ideation, formulation and testing. Leveraging state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, we work with you to refine recipes, processes and equipment to ensure your success. Learn more about our global Innovation and Design Centers.

Frequently Asked Questions


SPX FLOW equipment is designed with a focus on efficiency and productivity, ensuring that it can meet the production demands of pet food manufacturers. Further, automation and control systems to optimize production processes and maximize output while maintaining quality standards.


SPX FLOW equipment incorporates quality control mechanisms such as sensors, monitoring systems, and precision engineering to ensure consistent product quality. Hygienic designs and materials to minimize the risk of contamination and maintain the integrity of pet food products.


SPX FLOW equipment features designs that facilitate easy cleaning and sanitation with smooth surfaces, removable parts and access points for thorough cleaning. Our equipment meets industry standards and regulations, ensuring proper hygiene during pet food production.

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