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SPX FLOW brands each offer a diverse set of aftermarket services are calibrated to promote the longevity, productivity and optimization of SPX FLOW processes.  SPX FLOW develops customized process solutions, therefore the production of customized aftermarket services are frequently necessary. From specialized genuine spare parts, to intently constructed upgrades, SPX FLOW utilizes our extensive research and development tools to design precise aftermarket services fit to the customers' needs.

Genuine Spare Parts

SPX FLOW genuine spare parts are developed to fit the customized design of SPX FLOW industrials. Our custom-designed processes may require spare parts measured to exact specifications outside of standard issue parts. However, SPX FLOW industrial equipment is often custom-designed to directly address the needs of a particular industrial process. Therefore, the use of SPX FLOW genuine spare parts is recommended in maintaining the health of any SPX FLOW industrial machinery. SPX FLOW industrial engineers design genuine spare parts to specific tensile strengths, dimensions and process interconnectivity. The smallest differences in the tensile strength or dimensions of an integrated spare part could have a significant effect on the efficiency, yield and health of industrial machinery long term.


Predictive Audits

SPX FLOW emplaces predictive and preventative audits to minimize operational downtime and accurately develop a plan of equipment longevity. SPX FLOW predictive and preventative service audits, in method, are based on the equipment being audited.  Predictive audits vary per product upon 3 factors, the implementation of controls, service lifecycle and level of importance within a process.

Industrial controls are instruments of measurement integrated into industrial equipment to digital report the status of an equipment’s condition or status. While controls are optimal, there are a range of SPX FLOW products that cannot implement the technology effectively. Heat transfer systems for example, have difficulty implementing digital industrial controls. Therefore, Heat transfer systems are primarily audited by an authorized service technician.

Service lifecycle and vitalness of a product has a direct effect on the frequency of audits. Equipment under intensive stress due to how integral the equipment is to a product will require more audits to avoid unexpected factory downtime and to maintain performance.

Exchange Services

Select SPX FLOW brands have established official exchange services, in which original SPX FLOW equipment is installed as a direct replacement to any other brands equipment. Held to originally manufactured standards and leveraging the full engineering capabilities of SPX FLOW, exchanged products are custom designed and developed to your process.

Lightnin, an SPX FLOW brand, will replace any gearbox with an official Lightnin gearbox. Exchange services offer a price reduction, efficient installation and full new equipment warranty on exchanged products.

SPX FLOW exchange services are positioned to reduce downtime. A reduction in operational downtime could lead to a reduction in production loss and higher factory efficiency. While exchanging a problematic industrial for a newer product could also reduce the number of services and spare parts needed, lowering annual cost respectively.

Exchange Program Flyer


SPX FLOW's product line of customized and standard industrial process solutions are both applicable for our upgrade services. Industrial pumps, valves, heat exchangers and homogenizers from a range of SPX FLOW brands are eligible to be upgraded upon customer request. Upgrading to newer models can induce higher process performance levels and reduce functional cost. For example, upgraded valves can include intelligent control units, which can provide a constant stream of information of the status of industrial equipment, effectively streamlining the operation of a process.  In some cases, it is possible to achieve improvements by simply exchanging the control unit, which can be quickly retrofitted without interruption to production schedules. To learn more about the SPX FLOW upgrade services contact us.

Field Service

SPX FLOW offers field services to customers based on region. SPX FLOW or SPX FLOW partners can offer comprehensive maintenance to full production lines within scheduled turnarounds. SPX FLOW and SPX FLOW partners offer an extensive range of on-site services such as installation, inspection, commissioning, removal, preventative and scheduled maintenance, emergency breakdown service and full turnkey projects.