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Managing Complexity
The market for specialized beverages is expanding in almost every direction. It includes high-protein drinks for athletes; quick, healthy and drinkable grain meals for professionals on the go; functional products for babies; and formulations for patients on medically-restricted diets.  With this, comes growing complexity, all at a time when consumers are also demanding fewer, cleaner, and greener ingredients, along with the ever-present demand for purity and taste.

Food and beverage manufacturers who can manage these conflicting requirements stand to gain substantially. The ability to blend medically necessary or age-related ingredients with other ingredients that are there for taste, mouthfeel, and safety, for example, could be the key to a real market advantage.

This is where SPX FLOW can help. We bring you more than 50 years of experience in configuring production lines to handle both the complexities and the dietary requirements needed to make satisfying liquid meals.

Treating Ingredients right
Where traditional processes systems might require, for example, adding a surplus of vitamins and other nutrients to compensate for those that are chemically destroyed in production, our patented Instant Infusion process gently steams mixtures at high temperatures (135-145 degrees in 0.1 to 0.5 seconds).

This minimizes the impact on product quality, chemical changes in color, flavor and fat stability that could impact the marketability of the final product.  

Where traditional heat-treating configurations would need separate equipment lines for liquids and large grain, nut and fruit particles, and would have limitations in the particle size, our SPX FLOW Tubular UHT technology handles fluids and large particles in a single processing line resulting in thicker and more nutritionally dense beverages.

Our experts will work closely with yours to tailor unique solutions that incorporate world-class preparation, mixing and drying capabilities into a custom configuration that will give you a true market advantage. We stand committed to helping you address nutritional specifications, safety requirements and consumer trends with innovative, appealing beverages, at the lowest cost.



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