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Nourishment in a Bottle
Functional milk represents yet another category of opportunity for enhancing raw milk to take advantage of market opportunities emerging from changing global lifestyles. Functional milks include liquid breakfasts, high protein whey drink, energy drinks, protein-fortified chocolate milk and vitamin- enriched milks. They also include milk from which ingredients such as lactose have been removed for health reasons.

While functional milks may vary as to what has been added or removed from the milk, all are processed for sale as liquids. This differs from dairy powders, which may include comparable ingredients, but which convert the milk component to powders for the consumer to reconstitute later.

Functional milks can be enhanced even further through ultrahigh temperature (UHT) sanitation that can extend shelf-life up to 18 months. But unlike other long-life dairy products, where the raw milk goes directly into the heat-treating vessel, functional milks first undergo mixing and other operations which ad ingredients prior to heat treatment.

As such, functional milk can require knowledge across the entire dairy production line and this is what SPX FLOW delivers. Through our methods, systems and experience, we know how to add protein without compromising taste. We know how to protect the nutrients during demanding processing operations, so that you won’t have to add vitamins to keep your labels honest.  We can even help you remove ingredients such a lactose without losing sweetness.

All this and more is what we do, and our innovation never sleeps. We have ongoing research and develop collaborations with many of the world’s largest functional milk providers at out global innovation and design centers. We are ready to help you add value to your dairy offerings.