Ice Cream


Ice cream is a popular frozen dessert that has been enjoyed for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to ancient China, where a combination of ice, snow, fruit, honey, and milk created a frozen delicacy. Nowadays ice cream is a frozen dessert made by combining ingredients like cream, milk, sugar, and flavorings. It undergoes a process of freezing while being churned to create a smooth and creamy texture. The result is a delightful treat that offers a refreshing escape from the summer heat or a comforting indulgence any time of year. With its irresistible taste and endless flavor possibilities, ice cream continues to delight people of all ages worldwide.

The ice cream industry is constantly evolving. From classic favorites like vanilla and chocolate to unique combinations like salted caramel pretzel or lavender honey, the range of flavors available today is truly impressive. As consumers become more health-conscious, the demand for healthier ice cream options has grown exponentially. Producers are responding by developing low-sugar, low-fat, and even protein-packed varieties without compromising on taste. Additionally, plant-based alternatives made from coconut beverage, almond beverage, or soy beverage have gained popularity, providing a guilt-free indulgence for those with dietary restrictions or ethical considerations.

SPX FLOW offers full control of product streams in ice cream production, which is critical throughout the process. We provide sustainable end-to-end solutions to meet changing market demands including process know-how and essential equipment like pumps, valves, air eliminators, heat exchangers, and more. Additionally, our technologists support customers with recipe development and process optimization in our innovation centers.

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SPX FLOW's Role in Ice Cream Making

The journey from raw milk to delicious ice cream begins at the dairy where the milk is tested for antibiotics, taste and smell. Once the milk has cooled, the next steps are the actual building blocks of ice cream. Separation, standardization and heat treatment turn raw milk into cream and skim milk which are used in the final formulation of the delicious treat everyone loves. Full control of product streams is critical throughout the process, which is why SPX FLOW equipment is a great choice. From pumps and valves to air eliminators, heat exchangers and more - let's make delicious ice cream together.

1. Separation: Once the raw milk leaves the raw milk tank, the next step is separation into cream and skim milk. Skimming is influenced by a range of variables such as storage temperature and time, mechanical treatment and free air-content upstream from the separator - which is why full control is so important.
For this process step, we supply APV/WCB Pumps and Valves, APV PHEs/Pasteurizer and Seital Separation Separators.

2. Standardization: Standardization of the milk and cream is critical because ice creams have different fat percentages. Precision and control are important to this step to ensure the final product is just right. SPX FLOW offers a range of standardization options to accommodate virtually any ice cream production scenario.

For this process step, we supply APV Membrane, APV Compomaster, APV/WCB Pumps and Valves and Seital Series Se-St Automatic Standardization Unit.

3. Cream Pasteurization and Cream Storage: Once the cream has been separated, it can be heat-treated using a plate heat exchanger, if not needed for formulation right away. After heat-treatment the cream is stored cold until it's ready to be used for further processing or sold. In ice cream production, all the cream is most often used for formulation.
For this process step, we supply APV Cream Pasteurizers and APV/WCB Pumps and Valves.

4. Mixing and Formulation: Standardization and formulation both take place in a mixer such as an APV Liquiverter or APV Multiverter. The mixing of fat, SNF, sugar, emulsifiers and stabilizers occurs in a mixer. Depending on the recipe, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors can also be added to the mixer during this step.
For this process step, we supply APV Liquiverter/APV Multiverter/APVFlex Mix Instant, APV/WCB Pumps and Valves, Flavor/Color Adding Valves and APV Aseptic Pigging System (ARRS).

5. Homogenization and Pasteurization: From the mixing and formulation step, the cream is homogenized and pasteurized to kill bacteria. The reason for pasteurization is to kill bacteria and further dissolve additives and ingredients. Additionally, homogenization disperses fat for consistent mouthfeel and better freezing.

For this process step, we supply APV Pasteurizer, APV/WCB Pumps and Valves and APV Homogenizer.

6. Continuous Freezers: At this point we have ice cream. But wait, there's more. SPX FLOW works with partners to source continuous freezers and delivers full processes as needed. We supply all key equipment such as valves, pumps, PHEs, pasteurizers, homogenizers, agitators and mixers.