98 Series - High Torque Top Entering Mixer

Product Type(s) : Top Entry Mixers
Description :

98 Series Mixers  Parallel drives for heavy duties, optimize productivity and reduce downtime



Traditionally, internal gear drive components are subject to large axial and bending loads which are the primary source of unwanted gear deflection and misalignment. Left unchecked, these dynamic loads can significantly reduce gear life or cause sudden gear-drive failure. These loads are attributed to the fluid forces which act on the mixer shaft at the  impellers.

SPX FLOW Lightnin’s design isolates the gearing from the effects of these fluid forces through the following combination of design advantages:

  • The lower quill shaft bearing experiences no external loading and does not support the mixer shaft in any way.
  • Clearance between the mixer shaft and quill shaft ensures that no bending loads are imposed on the quill shaft, effectively isolating the gearing from the mechanical effects created by the fluid forces.
  • The fixed bearing located below the gear drive in the seal cartridge absorbs radial reaction forces in addition to the axial loads. As a result, they are prevented from being transferred to the gear drive.
  • The precise positioning of the fixed bearing within millimeters of the mixer seal faces minimizes shaft run-out and dynamic deflection to maximize seal life.
  • Parallel shaft, double reduction design provides enhanced installation flexibility where there are space limitations on top of the vessel.
  • Carburized and ground helical gearing helps ensure quiet operation and extended gear life.
  • Dry well oil dam is integrated into the gear housing to prevent lubrication from leaking down the mixer shaft.
  • Integral positive displacement pump driven off the input shaft provides continuous lubrication whenever the mixer motor is operating. No separate lubrication motor is required.
  • Compact drive design requires significantly less oil for lubrication - eliminates need for large oil sump.
  • Forced lubrication system filters any contaminants to increase oil life.
    Standard flanged motors and pedestal mounted reduces assembly time while eliminating high-speed coupling alignment and the need for outboard motor support.
  • Integral mounting plate eliminates the need for an additional bolted plate.
  • Optional seal cartridge can be removed easily in four simple steps without having to move the gear drive or motor, and without having to loosen any mixer shaft bearings. 
  • Available from (15 - 130 kW) 20 to 150 HP with AGMA speeds from 20 to 100 RPM
  • Open tank, stuffing box or mechanical seal options



As part of our commitment to our Customers and their operations, SPX FLOW has introduced LightninLube™, a range of gear oil for our Lightnin Mixers.It is available to order with your new equipment or as a maintenance item throughout the life of your equipment. LightninLube is manufactured to AGMA Standard 8005-D94. Our synthetic oils are designed to give you a wide operating range and are available in ISO 100, ISO 150, ISO 220 and ISO 320 grades.