Tigerflex Floating Suction Line

Product Type(s) : Heating Products
Description :

Tigerflex floating suction line leaves the dirt in the oil tank. By using Tigerflex you eliminate nozzle and filter problems caused by sludge, dirt, paraffin and water in the oil. The result is a more reliable and efficient heating installation.



Sludge, dirt and water collect at the bottom of almost all oil storage tanks. Paraffin sediments also often occur in cold oil. Tigerflex is an ingenious and simple tool for leaving all sludge, dirt, etc. in the tank. The float follows the oil level and ensures that only clean and water-free oil is sucked to the burner.

  • Easy to install and ideal for mobile home applications
  • Takes only clean, water-free oil from the surface
  • Reduces the risk of clogged nozzles and filters
  • Reduces problems with paraffin sediments in cold oil
Theory of Operation

The Tigerflex floating suction hose consists of a rubber hose with a float in one end and a pipe in the other end. The float and the rubber hose are made of high-quality oil-resistant material. The pipe is fitted to a connecting nipple mounted on the top of the tank, which is connected to the suction pipe.


RSK nr 649 31 51
Part nr 80200
Connections: Available with 1 1/2" and 2" connecting nipples
Standard length: 69" (1,75 m), other lengths upon request