Soft Drinks, Beer and Wine

Capitalizing on a Mature Market
Markets for soft drinks, beer and wine are growing slowly and steadily. They are relatively mature markets, where there is still some innovation, but success depends largely on branding and cost management.

Soft drinks include soda, cider, iced tea, flavored waters, and fruit juice blends. SPX FLOW process components are known throughout the world for their reliable and efficient operation. 

Supporting the Full Production Lifecycle
Manufacturers of products involving juice, including soft drinks and wine, rely on SPX FLOW separators and clarifiers to achieve optimal clarification or heat exchanger to provide ultra-pasteurization of the products.

And brewers, are turning to SPX FLOW direct-drive centrifuges which replace gear and belt-driven systems with a streamlined transmission in which the motor shaft and mixing shaft are one. In addition to lower energy consumption, this enables more compact streamlined designs.

Whether it is mixing, blending separation, pasteurization, or other components, or testing in one of our Global Innovation and Design Centers,  SPX FLOW supports the full soft drink product lifecycle with the know-how and technology that helps manufacturers defend and grow market share.