Spreadable Cheese

Spreadable cheeses are made from whey, a high-protein byproduct that remains after milk has been coagulated to make cheese or yogurt.  In the traditional process of once the whey is separated from other milk proteins, excess liquid must be drained away. This is done in open batch operations, which are interrupted by the need to fill the blending vats. Because it is open to air at many steps, the process is also more vulnerable to contamination. 

Many leading spreadable cheese producers, however, are now using our patented SPX FLOW Cheasly process to produce spreadable cheese more efficiently, hygienically and sustainably. Instead of draining the whey in open batch operations, the Cheasly process begins with a pre-powdered cheese that gets processed into spreadable cheese in a closed, continuous operation. Because there is no drainage, the yield is 100% yield. And the hygienic process extends shelf-life as well.

Cheasly can be used to make semi-hard, soft, cream, and other spreadable cheeses such as Quark, fromage frais, pizza cheese, or strained yogurt. The Cheasly process uses milk protein powder and non-dairy ingredients instead of raw milk.  In addition to enabling cleaner, continuous operation, the Cheasly process enables high-quality cheese manufacturing in regions where raw milk is scarce, expensive or of insufficient quality for cheese transformation.

With the Cheasly process, you already start out with a process advantage over your competitors. We help to the next level, helping you interpret the latest data on market demand for spreadable cheese to identify find the best opportunities for you to leverage this unique capability.



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