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Adding bacterial culture to milk turns what has already been dubbed the most complete food item into a superfood and potentially a super business opportunity.  The current market that is hungry for high protein, on-the-go snack foods offers numerous options to help you meet that demand. Lace it with fruits and sweeteners; set them on the bottom mix it in; or make it spoonable or sippable. Draw further on the unique qualities of variations from around the world — like skyr, dahi, lassi, ayran, laban, kefir, quark, and smetana and the possibilities are unlimited. But you have to get the processing right.

SPX FLOW works with the major yogurt brands around the world, helping improve the manufacturability of their recipes, their ingredient choices and product marketability. We understand the complexities of producing viscous products and build world-leading food processing equipment like our popular scraping system which minimize product loss in operations.

As you conceptualize new products that will capture the palettes of today’s yogurt buyers, SPX FLOW experts can help you interpret market data to know what will sell and how to make it.

We have extensive experience in raw materials selection, standardization, mixing, thermal treatment, incubation, fermentation, smoothing, and flavor addition.

Our teams work closely with yours to get the end product that has the best taste, body, texture, mouthfeel, stability, appearance and shelf-life, but does not compromise on safety, economy, sustainability, and flexibility.  We are known for our leadership in this technology with rich and wide experience from our reference plants as well as our global Innovation and Design Centers.

Yogurt is an ever-growing market that continues to grow at a constant pace globally. Through our global network of Innovation and Design Centers, we have you covered across the full plant lifecycle.



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