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Belt or Gear Drive for Blending

Product Type:
Mixers & Agitators / Side Entry Mixers

Plenty side entry mixers for blending, homogenizing and temperature uniformity duties



  • Rugged, heavy duty design for extended service life
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Gear or belt drive options (See Models tab)
  • Mechanical seal is standard supply
  • Manufactured on modern computer controlled machining centers
  • Optional tank man way adaptors are available
  • Over 40 year's operational experience
  • CE & ATEX 2G certification available

Unique Tank Shut-Off Device

All units incorporate a tank shut-off device to allow the shaft seal and bearings to be changed under full tank conditions. The tank shut-off mechanism incorporates tapered metal to metal faces, positively clamped by a bolted flange which both seals products in the tank and securely supports the shaft during bearing and/or shaft seal changes.

All tapered faces are wear and corrosion resistant. The most important aspect of the Plenty Shut-off and mechanical seal assembly is that it incorporates a safety check valve for ensuring that the shut-off is 100% effective before removal of any bearings or the mechanical seal. The Plenty shut-off mechanism offers complete safety and security as it does not incorporate any flexible O rings or gaskets which may deform, wear, or perish.

Key Applications

Maintaining Homogeneity

To maintain homogeneity of refinery finished or intermediate products or chemical plant feed stocks to ensure uniform specification. This demands complete movement throughout the tank with top to bottom “turnover” as well as circulation round the tank, to ensure that the product at the top, middle and bottom remains uniform to specification.



To mix two or more different components to obtain a homogeneous blend in a specified time to specific requirements again demands complete top to bottom “turnover”.


Temperature Uniformity

To aid heat transfer while heating or cooling or to maintain temperature uniformity - again complete fluid motion, top to bottom “turnover” would normally be required. Location of mixers relative to the heating element is also important to the success of the operation.


Combined Duties

It is possible that one or more of the duties may apply to a particular application and the most critical duty must determine the selection of mixer.


Generally the most power demanding duty is blending.


Fixed Angle Options


Seal Leakage Detection

The Plenty standard seal leakage detection system provides an economical solution to alert the operator of leakage passed the mechanical seal. Any leakage is collected and contained within a collection vessel that is equipped with a level sensor that can activate an alarm in the control room.
Other leakage detection systems can be supplied to meet API Plan 65 and Plan 75 if required.

The leakage system can be mounted to a fixed or a swivel angle mixer or can be mounted on the floor near to the mixer.



Heavy Duty Side Entry Mixers - PLM-102 US GB
Mixer Side Entry CN

Belt Driven Mixer

A horizontal foot mounted motor is fitted above the main mixer frame on a steel mounting plate which allows adjustment for correct belt tensioning.

Hinge pins and adjusting screws etc. are corrosion protected against atmospheric corrosion. The motor and mixer shafts are connected by a Fire Resistant Anti-Static (FRAS) High Torque Drive (parallel or angle offset) Tooth Belt correctly sized to transmit motor power. The pulleys have taper lock bushes for ease of removal and are enclosed in a spark-proof and weatherproof guard. Drive service factor is 1.5 minimum.

The main mixer frame is a rigid one-piece casting spigot located to the steel mounting flange and incorporating pre-lubricated, sealed for life, and hermetically sealed shaft bearings. The mounting flange incorporates a single mechanical seal with corrosion and wear-resistant tank shut-off device permitting seal and bearing replacement under full tank conditions.

Belt driven mixers are available in both fixed angle and swivel angle models.






Gear Driven Mixer

Driven by a vertical electric motor which is flange-mounted on the support bracket above the gearbox and connected by an all-metal flexible coupling protected by a guard. The gearbox comprises a single reduction hardened high efficiency spiral bevel gear set having a minimum service factor of 1.5 and are designed to AGMA and DIN Standards. The gears and all bearings are splash oil-lubricated and enclosed in a large gear case for maximum heat dissipation. The mixer frame is a rigid one-piece iron casting with a spigot located on the gearbox and the steel mounting flange.


Gear-driven mixers are available in both fixed angle and swivel angle models.