Belt or Gear Drive for Crude Oil (BS&W)

Product Type(s) : Side Entry Mixers
Description :

Plenty swivel angle mixers for tank cleaning operations and the prevention of harmful sludge settling.




  • Over 30 year's operational experience specifically developing and utilizing swivel angle mixing technology
  • Identical rugged, heavy duty design as for fixed angle mixers to extend service life
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Gear or belt drive options (see Models tab)
  • Mechanical seal is standard supply
  • Manufactured on modern computer controlled machining centers
  • Optional automatic actuators available to negate need for manual swivel angle change
  • CE & ATEX 2G certification available

Unique Tank Shut-Off Device All units incorporate a tank shut-off device to allow the shaft seal and bearings to be changed under full tank conditions. The tank shut-off mechanism incorporates tapered metal to metal faces, positively clamped by a bolted flange which both seals products in the tank and securely supports the shaft during bearing and/or shaft seal changes. All tapered faces are wear and corrosion resistant. The most important aspect of the Plenty Shut-off and mechanical seal assembly is that it incorporates a safety check valve for ensuring that the shut-off is 100% effective before removal of any bearings or the mechanical seal. The Plenty shut-off mechanism offers complete safety and security as it does not incorporate any flexible O rings or gaskets which may deform, wear, or perish.



Seal Leakage Detection

The Plenty standard seal leakage detection system provides an economical solution to alert the operator of leakage passed the mechanical seal. Any leakage is collected and contained within a collection vessel that is equipped with a level sensor that can activate an alarm in the control room. Other leakage detection systems can be supplied to meet API Plan 65 and Plan 75 if required. The leakage system can be mounted to a fixed or a swivel angle mixer or can be mounted on the floor near to the mixer



As an alternative to this manual facility, an automatic swivel actuator can be supplied as an optional extra. The Automatic Swivel Actuator is a shaft belt driven or an electric motor driven speed reducer and linkage, which allows the mixer to swivel 30 degrees in either direction.Using the shaft driven actuator provides constant motion of the swivel while the mixer is in operation. This option removes the need for expensive additional field wiring.With the electric motor driven actuator the timer controller provided will cycle every 24 hours and swivel the mixer 10 degrees each time. The use of either swivel actuator allows for efficient cleaning of the tank bottom and eliminates the need for routine manual adjustment. Actuators are available for both gear and belt driven mixers.


Heavy Duty Side Entry Mixers - PLM-102 US GB
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