SHS/SHK Compact Top / Bottom Entry Mixer

Product Type(s) : Top Entry Mixers
Industries : Beverage Processing
Description :

SHS and SHK agitators satisfy mixing and stirring needs dependably and reliably at speeds below the SM and SG mixer series. Impellers, speeds and power outputs are specified for each application. Ground surfaces make the agitators fit for cleaning in place. The impeller shaft is fitted to the sturdy hollow gearing output shaft by means of a plug-in joint. Careful bearing design accommodating hydraulic impeller radial forces ensures vibration-free shaft operation with or without extra shaft support bearing.



  • Reliable performance even at medium to high torque.
  • Perfect concentricity and quiet operation at all speeds.
  • Sealing technology range from radial shaft sealing with oil drip pan up to high tech hygienic double – acting mechanical sealing.
  • The standard unit offers a wide range of applications, and cost-effective system modifications are achievable through the utilization of a diverse array of alternate components.


Shaft Diameter - 40 - 140

Motor Power - 0.37 - 110 kW





400V 50Hz IP54 insulation class B motor pole-switching, variable speed, EEx eII T3, EEx de II CT4, other voltages upon request


Lip seal with oil drip tray and leakage monitor (unpressurized vessels only) Single-acting axial face seal (to DIN standard 24 960) Single-acting or double-acting axial face seal with short lantern Any other seal incl. hygienic seals dimensioned to DIN standards


<SS304 / 316L / 316Ti or on request


Ra 0.8 (180 grain, ground), blasted, polished, electropolished, gummed or plastic coated

Impeller Mounting

Push-in type friction connector, compression type friction connector, welded joint or special-design hub


Sigma®, Alpha®, Zeta®, Trapez, Viscoprops, pitch blade impeller, anchor impeller, special-design impellers

Motor Power

0.37 - 110 kW

Shaft Diameter

40 - 140 mm

Key Applications

Chemical Process: Specialty Chemicals, Beverage Processing: Nutritional & Medical Drinkable Food, Plant-based Drinks, Soft Drinks, Non-carbonated beverages, Aseptic, Dairy Processing