SNR Top / Side Entry Mixer

Product Type(s) : Top Entry Mixers
Industries : Chemical Processing
Description :

SNR agitators with future oriented design satisfy even non-standard requirements for medium sized power and torque needs.

Benefits include compact dimensions, quiet operation and a wide range of sealing and drive systems. Versatility makes our standard agitators the right choice for a multitude of different production and process applications.



  • Fixed or variable speed drive systems as process needs dictate.
  • Elastic coupling installed for maximum protection and designed to lower any torque surges and oscillations.
  • Robust bearing housing with integrated coupling and seal lanterns.
  • Long service life double roller bearing.
  • Lip seal, stuffing box or mechanical seal with DIN dimensions.
  • Lip seal, stuffing box or mechanical seal with dimensions to DIN standard 28138
  • Mounting flanges to DIN 28155 or ANSI or mounting plates for open-vessel support structures


Shaft Diameter - 40 - 125 mm

Motor Power - 1,1 - 110 kW

Drive - IEC/ NEMA Motor plus parallel shaft gear or helical bevel gear or belt drive


Mixer Orientation – Top or Side Entry

Shaft seal

  • SL lip seal
  • SD .5 DIN stuffing box
  • GDS mechanical seal


  • SNR – Basic design
  • SNR-E - 2 bearings and flexible coupling
  • SNR-H - 1 bearing and hollow-shaft gearbox
  • SNR-K - 2 bearings and belt drive