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Our ESG Approach

With our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach, we’re committed to leading by example to make our world safer, healthier and more sustainable.

That takes innovation.

Innovative ways to help customers reach their sustainability goals.

Innovative ways to reduce our own footprint.

Innovative ways to attract, retain and support both female and Black team members. Innovative ways to make the safety incidents at our facilities drastically lower than the industry average.

And innovative ways to extend our culture beyond our four walls so it plays a role in how we support our communities worldwide.

We do this by putting people first. Creating opportunity for everyone. Innovating how things are made. Committing to conserve. And giving back to our communities.

In short, we do this through innovations that create Solutions that Matter.

Putting People First

The best outcomes start with the health and safety of our 5,000 team members. They’re guided by our E3 values of Empower, Evolve and Exceed. Empower means in our culture of belonging, we bring our authentic selves to work. We value and respect everyone. We have the courage to take action to move the company forward. Evolve means our passion, collaboration and expertise to solve complex challenges help our customers and each other grow and succeed. Exceed means through innovation and hard work, we push boundaries to create a brighter future. Learn More

Opportunity for Everyone

Our culture of belonging means everyone is valued and has room to grow. We recruit the most passionate and talented team, people who share our commitment to hard work, ingenuity and doing what it takes to deliver an optimal customer experience. We help them find areas where they can immediately make the biggest difference, and we’re proud of how they describe SPX FLOW as a great place to work. Learn More

Innovating How Things Are Made

We create safe and sustainable solutions to solve complex challenges. From pumps, valves and mixers to entire engineered systems, we apply best-in-class design principles to every solution we create. We have five state-of-the-art labs around the world dedicated solely to researching continuous improvements in product and system design. When we combine our engineering mindset, our technology and our values, we can reduce the energy, water and waste our customers use in production while helping them maximize their output. Learn More

Commitment to Conserve

We are focused on reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We have a responsibility to improve our communities, and we’re committed to shrinking our environmental footprint through a continuous improvement process. We proactively identify and implement environmental sustainability initiatives across our operations to reduce energy consumption, emissions, water usage and waste. We know our products play a critical role in helping sustain the world, and we’ll do the same in how we build them. Learn More

Giving Back to Our Communities

We partner with community organizations where we live and work to make a positive impact. Whether it’s feeding the homeless, supporting at-risk children, raising awareness for health issues, fighting racial tension or helping our neighbors navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we lean into the challenges we all face. By learning more about the caring and compassionate ways our team members choose to give back, it’s easy to see what makes them special. Learn More