Plant-Based Beverages

Better Taste and Longer Shelf Life
Plant-based beverages include simple dairy alternatives, which are often made from, oat, rice, nuts, soy, peas, hemp, and flaxseed.

Plant-based beverages are as old as civilization but have recently emerged as a major new market category and opportunity. Drinks that have been known for centuries – sometimes only in limited regions - are being mixed and matched to create new taste and nutritional options.

Like all plant-based foods, the processing of plant-based beverages requires the need to optimize attributes such as taste, mouthfeel and shelf-life, which is largely a function of precision heat treatment to control bacteria and enzymatic activities.

SPX FLOW’s comprehensive thermal processing solutions portfolio is backed by more than 50 years of experience and more than 1,000 references. We cover the full plant-based beverage production lifecycle, from material handling to final beverage sterilization. This includes our unique Instant Infusion process that preserves product integrity during production.

Plant-based ingredients also offer innovative producers more opportunity to source products locally. Which can reduce production costs significantly while also meeting market demand for a sustainable supply chain. However, different regions prefer different tastes. This requires the know-how to bring specific flavors forward while suppressing others.

Partnering with SPX FLOW for your plant-based production can help you capitalize on emerging plant-based opportunities more quickly. We understand what’s driving markets around the world and have the technology and the experience to help you get your product to those markets quickly.

Whatever it takes to bring your beverage concept to market is what we do. We even have testing capabilities in our Global Innovation Centers, throughout the world where we can run rapid trials and scale up to full production.