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SR - Sanitary Right Angle Mixer

Product Type:
Mixers And Blenders / Top Entry Mixers

The ideal compact mixer in locations with a small footprint and minimum available headroom, for sanitary biological, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing applications from 100 to 20,000 liters (25 gal. to 5200 gal.).

  • Designed for media suspension and storage, buffer solutions make down, plasma extraction, fermentation, cell culture and general media processing
  • Low headroom (less than 13" tall) right angle gear drive with low center of gravity. Tanks can easily be moved from one location to another with mixer in place
  • Designed for SIP/CIP environments in the most stringent cGMP facilities
  • Washdown duty or energy efficient inverter duty motor
  • All stainless or hard anodized aluminum pedestal
  • Sealed gearbox with expansion chamber - no breather valve required
  • Available with LIGHTNIN's QAD validation support package
  • Backed by LIGHTNIN's 100% process guarantee
  • Supplied with Lightnin A310/A510 low-shear impeller
  • Customers can tailoer the most cost-effective mixer configuration based on specific process and environmental requirements



Custom Options

• High-alloy impeller and shaft
• All stainless steel gearbox and 300 Series stainless steel motor option available
• Steel-it paint
• Explosion-proof or ATEX motor
• Alternative size mounting flanges or Tri-Clamp® sanitary connections
• Alternative impellers including props, Rushton turbines, and A315, A320, or A340 high-solidity hydrofoils
• Extended power and speed range
• Optional 316L stainless steel pedestal construction
• AC variable frequency drives (VFD) available
• Local readout tachometer option
• All 300 Series stainless steel exterior finish available


Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sanitary Mixers (B-966) EN-US
Right Angle Mixer (B-795) EN-US